Care Inspectorate Scotland impressed with evidence led practice

Happy staff team celebrate success at NMT awards

Using a combination of both EYsurveys and EYinsight mystery shops, Happy Feet Day nursery in Lanarkshire puts parent feedback at the heart of its provision, a fact which was clearly apparent to inspectors.  

Patrick Holtz, Business Manager says:

"We have been using the Ceeda parent & staff survey, and mystery shopper service for over 3yrs now and find them both to be invaluable to help improve our service. The feedback we receive from parents and staff via the survey results has improved our current practices for the better. Parents and staff feel valued that we ask them for their views annually.

"The beauty of the surveys are that staff and parents can leave feedback anonymously, so this doesn’t prohibit them making their feelings known about any aspect with the nursery. Care Inspectorate Scotland has been really impressed with the use of the Ceeda surveys and this showed on our inspection results score. The mystery shopper research help shape our enrolement process. I don’t think we could have moved forward as quickly as we have without the use of this service; it’s been fantastic!"


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