Childcare sufficiency in Darlington

Following the national roll out of the 30-hour offer, Darlington Borough Council commissioned Ceeda to evaluate childcare supply and demand for under 5s. 

The project involved several strands of work, including research with childcare providers, families and local businesses. 

Ceeda has supported Darlington Borough Council in assessing childcare supply and demand over many years, dating back to 1999. 

Nicola Davies, Early Years Projects Officer in the Children, Families and Learning department explains why: 


My experience of childcare sufficiency is that local authorities often have a feeling of where the gaps in the local childcare market are, what they need is sound data to present to providers so the market  can ‘plug’ the gaps. 

Ceeda has always listened to us, as clients and put a great deal of thought in to survey design and using as many research methods as possible within the budget and time frame, to achieve as high a return rate as possible. 

We have been very pleased with the outcome of childcare sufficiency research commissioned through Ceeda and have had every confidence in the research reliability and validity when sharing the outcomes with childcare providers, schools, Councillors and parents/carers.